Screw you laptop!


Posted by Shikher Verma on July 5, 2016 Tags: CodeMonkey Robotics   3 minute read

Warning: Stunts performed by crazy roboticist ! Don’t try at home :P

Recently both hinges of my laptop broke. I had practised the dark arts of laptop repair under the guidance of ninjaduck and hackmaestro. And learned to use a lot of big toys in robotics club. This time I was going to combine these too to perform the ultimate laptop fix.

First things first. Getting the right tools. Any task becomes a breeze when you have the right tools to do it. Luckily I had robotics club and magic drawer at my disposal. Wait! Let me tell you about the magic drawer. Hackmaestro has a drawer right above his seat in lab which has all the gadgets you could ever think of. And I mean it. Really. From laptop repair tools to kindle to nfc tags. Whats the last coding book you searched for ? I bet its there in that drawer. Its like a real life implementation of doremon’s pocket! Anyways I got what I needed. laptop-repair-tools

Both the hinges were jam in there position due to dust. I figured this was the reason why it broke. When I tried to close the screen instead of moving with the hinge it just broke off. And now the structure to hold the hinge in place was gone. I tried to loosen the hinge nut so that the hinge is movable again but it seemed that had been jammed too! Maybe it requires a little more torque. So I switched to a bigger tool. But still no luck. Now I got frustrated. I came back with the biggest wrench the club had. laptop-repair-tools

This time it shifted a little and when back to stuck again. After 10 minutes of sweating and cursing I figured was rotating it in the wrong direction! poker-face

Well, once I recovered from that disappointment, I gathered up to courage to actually do the deed. I was gonna drill through the plastic behind the hinge, where once the hinge supporting structure used to be. This felt really exciting! I was a little nervous about it, since I could potentially damage my laptop permanently. It felt like I was back in Xth standard, partitioning my hardisk to dual boot. Or when I rooted my first android the following year. I guess I like jumping into these situations :D I didn’t mess up this time. drilled-laptop

Finding bolt in robotics club is easy but finding a fitting nut is near impossible! I though I would have to go to the market to get the correct size, but you can always recycle parts from old robots. I hope the old chess playing robot team does read this blog :P This is what it looks like now laptop-finished-front
laptop-finished-back Its not the neatest design. But it looks cool. :)